Herbal wrap & co. - it's time to forget about time.

Enjoy high-quality treatments in Das Walchsee Sportresort.

Your well-being is in professional hands with us. Whether massages, wraps, packs or beauty treatments - we consider your individual needs and take you on a journey into the realm of deep relaxation. Some examples: 

Signature treatment of our hotel: the herbal wrap cure

The perfect cure for cleansing, detoxifying and tightening the tissue all over the body. A special wrapping technique with natural herbs to measurably treat your problem zones and to reduce cellulites, fat pads and fluid retentions in combination with a well-balanced nutrition programme and our move programme.

The compression of the wraps causes an increase in body temperature, the fat burning is stimulated and due to the increased sweat production, the body excretes waste products. This eliminates water retention and visibly reduces the circumference of the entire body. The resulting occlusion effect improves the absorption of the active ingredients of our self-prepared and balanced herbal oils. 

The vibration massage stimulates the drainage of water retention and waste products which are dissolved by the wraps. Vibration waves deeply penetrate into the tissue to loosen the muscles and to tighten the skin.

  • 5x herbal wrapping session including sauna session
    • 15 min. sauna session to warm up
    • 15 min. special wrapping technique in the direction of the lymph flow 
    • 25 min. sauna session with wrap
    • cold rain shower
  • 5x vibration massage 25 min.
  • balanced reducing diet with soothing herbs as part of the full board
  • Detox tea: daily changing home-made herbal tea blends

Honey massage

This special plucking massage with the honey mixture particularly stimulates the metabolism, helps the tissue to detoxify and relieves tensions. The honey moisturizes, stimulates the blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Alpine refreshing – facial

Get enchanted by mountain scents, Edelweiß and alpine plants. This face treatment gently and sustainably refreshes and vitalizes the skin. After the cleansing, the skin is deeply cleansed with a cereal flake peeling and clarified. You can relax during a manual massage with Maca elixir and a jade stone massage. The refreshing ice flower mask completes the treatment. 

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