Sports programme for all - let's go!

From yoga to spine training, from zumba to workouts, from aqua-fitness to a guided hike - our diverse weekly programme keeps young and old going. In addition to moving together, there is also no lack of fun. Join in!

DayTime / activity

4 pm       TRX training (L)
5:15 pm  Spine training (M)


9 am      Active start of the day (I)
5:15 pm Spine training (M)
6:30 pm TRX training (L)


2:45 pm Aqua-gym (A)
4 pm     Relaxation techniques (J)
7 pm     Workout for ladies (K)


9 am        Aqua-gym (A)
10:15 am Functional training with TOGU Brasil (C)
4 pm       Creative children's dance (H)
5:15 pm  Aqua-yoga (B)
6:30 pm  Yoga on the lake (E)
8:15 pm  Zumba (N)


8:30 am Yoga on the lake (E)
10:15 am Relaxation techniques (J)
2:45 pm   Spine training (M)
4 pm       Hip Hop for kids (D)


8:30 am Aqua-Gym (A)
2:30 pm Yoga (E)


Die Kurse im Detail

  • (A) Aqua-fitness approx. 60 minutes joint-friendly exercises in the water.
  • (B) Aqua-yoga approx. 60 minutes relaxing with gentle yoga movements in the water, doesn't only let your mind drift away, but also your body.
  • (C) Functional training with TOGU Brasil, approx. 60 minutes endurance and deep muscle training & reinforced by Brasil dumbbells .
  • (D) Hip Hop for kids, approx. 60 minutes learning the lastest moves from videoclip dancing.
  • (E) Yoga approx. 90 minutes learning yoga basics or refining your own yoga skills. 
  • (F) Guided hike for hotel guests only, 3-6 hours easy to medium hikes, details in the Morning Post or at the reception.
  • (G) HIIT circuit training approx. 60 minutues high-intensity full-body interval workout.
  • (H) Creative children's dance approx.60 minutes stimulating imagination and tact, a great combination of fun and movement pleasure.
  • (I) Active start of the day approx. 60 minutes activation session with gentle cardiovascular  training with the focus on mobilisation and stability.
  • (J) Relaxation techniques approx 60 minutes focusing on mobilisation of the spinal cord and progressive muscle relaxation.  
  • (K) Workout for ladies approx. 60 minutes power workout with intensive cardio-  and strength training.
  • (L) TRX training approx. 60 minutes sling training with the own body weight, all muscles are trained here.
  • (M) Spine gymnastics appox. 60 minutes focusing on mobility, spinal mobility and exercises suitable for everyday. 
  • (N) Zumba approx. 60 Minuten dancing to great music which makes you burn tons of calories. 


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Weekly programme

On the move all week. Sports programme for all!

Weekly programme
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